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Q. What are the Related Persons boxes in OneSearch?

I'm noticing new person boxes in OneSearch.  Where does this information come from? 

Answered By: Beth Juhl
Last Updated: Jul 05, 2024     Views: 21

OneSearch now offers additional information about persons (authors, subjects, editors, composers, and other roles) in search results.  These appear as "Related Persons" in the sidebar to a full OneSearch record.

Related Persons sidebar for Leven Helm

You can click the linked name to see a full record for that person, including items by and about that person, as well as other persons whose work is related. Click on a title or person to perform a new search in OneSearch.   

Full Person Record in OneSearch

Where does this information come from?

Person records are drawn from Linked Open Data, structured data that can connect information across web sites.  The two Linked Open Data repositories used by OneSearch are:

  • Library of Congress Name Authority records
    • records for personal, corporate, conference, and geographical name headings, uniform titles, and series established by LC and cooperating libraries under the National Coordinated Cataloging Operations (NACO) program
  • Wikidata
    • a collaboratively-edited data repository hosted by the Wikimedia Foundation

Records are updated weekly from these two sources. 

I found inaccurate or missing information

Not all records in OneSearch have linked data entries:

  • Person cards will appear mainly for book records, and not journal articles or chapters. 
  • Within book records, not all persons have links to Library of Congress name data. 

OneSearch feedback iconIf there is inaccurate information in a Library of Congress record or information that should be removed, you can contact or use the Feedback icon on the OneSearch page. 

Want to see more information about a local author or artist?  Anyone can help update and expand Wikidata.  Learn more at Wikidata:Contribute


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