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Q. How can I import my publications into the Faculty Information System from Web of Science?

The FIS system lists RefWorks, Google Scholar, and Zotero but it is easier for me to use Web of Science .

Answered By: Beth Juhl
Last Updated: Jan 23, 2024     Views: 8

The Faculty Information System, previously known as Digital Measures, can import a list of citations in the BibTeX format. 

To export your publications list from Web of Science

  1. Perform a search and add the records you wish to export to a marked list.
    Web of Science - Marking records for export
  2. On the left actions bar, choose the folder to view your marked items.
    Marked records folder icon
  3. Select the items you wish to export (or select all) and choose BibTeX from the Export menu. 
    Selected items for export in BibTeX format
  4. For the Export Records dialog box, the default Record Content option is  Author,Title, Source. 
    You can change this to include the abstract.  No options seem to include volume, issue, or pages.
  5. Save the file, which by default is named savedrecs.bib

To Import your BibTex file into the FIS

  1. Login to the Faculty Information System.
  2. Under Activity choose Scholarship/Research then Publications.
  3. On the far right, choose the Import button.
    Import option in FIS publications
  4. Browse to your saved file and choose it. 
    (ignore the import from Web of Science option - this feature is not enabled for our campus)
    Browse to your BibTeX file to uoload it
  5. NOTE that FIS will try to find co-authors who are also at the University of Arkansas.  You can approve, choose, or remove these suggestions, as needed.
    Disambiguation page on import
  6. Review the imported records for any needed changes or additions in publication type, current status, page numbers, issue and volume, or other fields. 
    Review citations before import.
  7. Click Finish Import to view your list of publications.
    Completed Import

Please note that the Web of Science export seems to work best for journal articles.  Book reviews, conference proceedings, or other publication formats can sometimes have mixed results. 

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