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Q. How can I view an item from Index Arkansas?

I found a citation to an article or chapter in Index Arkansas.  How can I read it? 

Answered By: Beth Juhl
Last Updated: May 10, 2024     Views: 571

Index Arkansas offers citations to articles, book chapters, and other publications about Arkansas. Index Arkansas was created and is maintained by the University Libraries. Often these sources are not online; you may wish to come to the library and view the print item or request an item scan. 

To find the article or chapter

When viewing the Index Arkansas entry,

  1. Make a note of the volume, issue, date and pages of your citation. 
    For instance in the record below you would need volume 49 pages 153-157 of the 2008 Garland County Historical Society RecordIndex Arkansas Is part of field
  2. Search the source title  (the journal or book that the Index Arkansas entry came from) in OneSearch.
  3. View the source record title or locations to see our holdings.
  4. In some cases, the source title may be online for the years you need.  You can find this in the View it section of the record.

    In other cases, titles are available only in print.   If the item is available in the main circulating collections, you can request and check it out as with any other library journal or book.

    In many cases, titles are only available in Special Collections. 
    Use the Special Collections Request button (Aeon) to request to view the item in the Special Collections Reading Room..

Special Collections request for an Index Arkansas source title.

Requesting items in Special Collections requires a one-time creation of an account on our Aeon system. To find out more about Special Collections requesting, visit our Research in Special Collections page.