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Q. How do I save items and searches in OneSearch?

How can I save favorites in OneSearch?

Answered By: Beth Juhl
Last Updated: Jul 06, 2022     Views: 112

Two ways to save

Look for the QR code to send links to searches or items to your mobile device. 

Look for the pin icon to save items or search strategies to your library account as favoritesPin icon to save


About Favorites

If you are signed into OneSearch, you can save items and searches across multiple sessions.

If you are not signed into OneSearch, you can save items for that session only.

To save a single item

Pin a single item

To save multiple items

Check the items you wish to save and click the pin at the top of the search results.

To save a search strategy to re-run at a later time

First, be sure you are signed in to your library account.  Run and filter the search you wish to save.  When you are satisfied with the results, click the link to Save query at the top of the results. 

Save query in OneSearch

View your Favorites

Click the pin icon in the top menu bar to go to your favorite items and searches. 

Organize your Favorites

Add Labels to your favorite items to organize them into virtual folders. 

add labels ot favorite items to organize them

Set up Search Alerts

Click on your saved searches to re-run them at any time or, click the bell icon to set up search alerts.  You will be notified weekly when new items matching your search criteria are added to the collection. 
Saved searches in OneSearch and searh alert button