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Q. What does the "Browse" button in the catalog do?

Answered By: Beth Juhl
Last Updated: Aug 29, 2018     Views: 188

What does the Browse button do?

When searching the library catalog, I noticed a button, "Browse." What does this do?

Library catalog record with browse button

This new Browse Tool beta allows you to explore our collections across libraries by call number, as if browsing one virtual shelf of both print titles and e-books.

Sample Browse Tool results

What do the colors mean?

The yellow book represents the item you clicked on in the library catalog. Scroll up and down to browse the shelf.

The darker the color, the more frequently an item has checked out.

Book height and width (number of pages) are represented by the relative size on the screen.

DVDs / CDs or other media are shown as media cases, rather than books.

What's included in the Browse Tool beta results?

Books or monograph titles, not journals, newspapers, magazines, or other serials, are in the results set.

Items can come from any campus library, Internet titles, or items in off-site locations such as the Library Annex. .

What's not included in the results set?

Besides serials, the Browse Tool beta does not include items from the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art library.

Items without a Library of Congress call number (such as LPs, archival theses and dissertations, or manuscript collections) are not represented in the results set.

What else do I need to know about the Browse Tool beta?

This is a work in progress so there are still some bugs.

For example, only the first item on a detailed record has the Browse button.  Even if we have 15 volumes or 4 copies of a work, you will only see the Browse button on this first item. 

We can't yet show the "popularity" in terms of checkouts or downloads, of electronic books. The darker colors all represent popular print books. 

Our Browse Tool beta is based on the StackLife project at Harvard

I have comments and suggestions! 

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