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Q. Some library resources don't seem to load in Firefox.

When I try to access full text on some sites, the page never loads or I get an error. 

Answered By: Beth Juhl
Last Updated: May 17, 2023     Views: 874

Firefox Enhanced Tracking Protection prevents certain known applications from collecting your browsing data across multiple sites. Firefox uses a lists of blocked sites maintained by the service (see link below). 

Some of our subscription journal sites, such as ScienceDirect and even JSTOR, have elements on their pages that are being blocked by Firefox Tracking Protection. In the case of ScienceDirect, this seems to be enough to keep some pages from loading in Firefox when Tracking Protection is turned on. The page simply hangs with the message "Redirecting" and never loads. 

ScienceDirect "Redirecting" message

How to bypass this error

For the session

  1. The shield icon will appear in the browser bar when content is being blocked. Click on the shield icon to view options. 
  2. Under "Tracking Protection" click the button to "Disable Protection for this session." This will clear tracking until you close and restart Firefox. 
    Turn tracking protection off in Firefox for one session


You can turn Tracking Protection off for all Firefox sessions, but this could result in those little black shoes you viewed on one website following you around to everywhere else on the Internet. Read up on the Firefox recommendations (see link below) before you turn off Tracking Protection. You can always turn it back on at any time. 

  1. Go to your Firefox Settings
  2. Click Privacy and Security. 
  3. Uncheck the box next to "Use Tracking Protection..."
    Turn off Tracking Protection in Firefox Settings

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