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Q. Updated: How can I see U of A library links in Google Scholar?

How can I find full text of articles from Google Scholar?

Answered By: Beth Juhl
Last Updated: Aug 31, 2022     Views: 1066

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Update: Find it! links have changed! 

Please update your Google Scholar preferences to point to University of Arkansas Libraries - Find it! at UARK

Google Scholar Settings - Linrary Links; Choose University of Arkansas Libaries - Find it! at UARK

How to set up Library Links in Google Scholar

You can customize your user preferences in Google Scholar to show Find it! links for some materials. Find it! makes it easy to link from Google Scholar to full text available from the Libraries. 

1.  Click the Scholar Preferences menu and scroll down to Settings .

Google Scholar Settings menu

2.  Open the Settings menu to find Library Links. This setting tells Google Scholar your preferred source for full text linking. 

If you are on campus, Google Scholar will already have the University of Arkansas Libraries selected.  This is based on your computer's campus IP address.

3.  If University of Arkansas Libraries Is not already selected, search for "Arkansas" in the Find Library box and check the option for University of Arkansas Libraries - Find it! at UARK.

Google Scholar searching for University of Arkanas Libraries

4. Save your preferences and perform a search. You will see Find it! links for those items that may be available in full text at our library.

Google Scholar results showing Find it at UARK links

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