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Q. How do I use the microfilm scanners?

How do the microfiche and microfilm copiers work? I want to save some pages to my flash drive.

Answered By: Beth Juhl
Last Updated: Aug 30, 2018     Views: 1308

St Imaging ViewScan


  1. Retrieve the microfilm, fiche, or cards you want to read.
    Need help locating microforms? Ask at the service desk in Multimedia Services or at the main Check Out / Research Desk.
  2. Choose one of the scanning stations in Multimedia Services.
  3. Login to the computer using your UARK username and password.
    (If you don't have a UARK username and password, ask staff for a guest login.)
  4. Double-click on the ViewScan Premium icon to start the application. 
  5. After the application has started, a splash screen will be presented.
    Click anywhere on the screen to go to the feature selection screen.
  6. Choose "Advanced Mode."
    Choose Advanced Mode
  7. Once the program is running you will see the film image appear in the viewing area in the center of the screen, as well as the controls for manipulating the film or fiche and scans. 
  8. Pull the carrier handle forward until the top glass opens.
    1. Loading microfilm
      1. Place the reel on the spindle at the left, with the loose end overlapping the top of the reel, toward the right.
      2. Feed the loose end under the white roller on the left, under the top glass, under the white roller on the right, and into the slot on the take-up reel.
      3. Push the carrier handle to lower the glass and move the film under the camera until the film image appears on the screen.
      4. Push the red button pointing right to advance the film or use the controls at the bottom of the screen.
        Losing microfilm
    2. Loading microfiche
      1. Holding the microfiche by the top border, flip the bottom away from you.
      2. Lay the microfiche on the bottom glass.
      3. Move the carrier manually to change images.
  9. You are ready to browse and capture images. 
    1. Browsing Tab
      All of the icons across the top do what they say they do.
      Click on the image to zoom to any area you would like to take a closer look at, click again to zoom back out to see the full page.
    2. Cropping Tab
      When you only want one article or one image the ST ViewScan gives you the ability to crop certain segments of your media. To do so, click the Cropping tab and click and drag around the desired content.
      If you make a mistake just use the Clear Selections icon to start over.
      Use the Capture Cropped Area icon at the bottom to capture what you cropped.What you captured will show up in the film strip area at the bottom. At any time you can click on the thumbnail to view what you captured.
    3. File Tab
      The File tab incorporates all the different ways to output an image.
      The available features are controlled by what mode (Simple, Standard or Advanced) the user selected from the start up menu.
      You have the option to save to a portable USB flash drive, email, or burn a CD.
      • File Save
        To save to a USB drive or other drive select the captured images you want to save. Then select the location by clicking the open folder button which will allow you to browse your folders. Next select the Format you would like to save in. With the location and format confirmed you will click the Save button to save your images.
      • Email
        Select the captured images you want to save. Then click the email option and enter an address.
      • Google Drive
        Send your selected images to your Google Drive account.
  10. When you are finished scanning, remove the fiche or film and return it to the appropriate box or container. 
    Return the item to the service desk for re-shelving or re-filing.
  11. Close the ST ViewScan software and logout of the workstation

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