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Q. Where can I get tutoring help?

Answered By: John Riley
Last Updated: Jul 20, 2020     Views: 175

Class+ (The Center for Learning and Student Success) offers subject-based tutoring as well as writing support. 

Class+ Academic Support offers tutoring in a wide range of subjects.  Tutoring appointments are in 50 minute blocks and can be scheduled in advance.  

Class+ Writing Support offers tutoring assistance with any and all writing assignments.  The Walton College of Business also has a Business Communication Center to support WCOB students in their writing assignments.  

Class+ services are available to currently-affiliated students or staff only. If you are an unaffiliated individual seeking tutoring, you might inquire through the appropriate department on campus. Some departments, such as English and History, have a large number of graduate students, some of whom might be available for individual tutoring, usually for an agreed-upon fee.

SUMMER-FALL 2020: Tutoring services in the Summer 2020 and Fall 2020 semesters will remain online.  Please visit the Class+ website to chat online or set up an appointment with a tutor.


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