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Q. Where can I take my ProctorU test?

I need a computer with a webcam and a quiet place to take a ProctorU test.

Answered By: Norma Johnson
Last Updated: Jun 15, 2016     Views: 607

Here are some good instructions for using the campus ProctorU service.  Keep in mind that the laptops available at Mullins Library do not have webcams.  It is recommended that you use a laptop from the Student Technology Center in the Arkansas Union if you need a computer with a webcam.

As for a quiet place to take the exam, the library does have a few spots in the library where it is quiet.  We also have 4 individual carrels (study rooms) on the 4th floor available for reservation and checkout.  However, neither the quiet spots in the library, nor the individual study rooms offer very good privacy for you or the people around you.  It is recommended that you use the quiet section of the Arkansas Union computing lab, or a room in the Student Technology Center for a place to take your test.

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